The Alliance

Statement on Most-Favored Nations Proposal

November 20, 2020 3:26 pm

Washington, DC—The Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation’s Executive Director Patrick O’Connor released the following statement on the president’s "most-favored nations" proposal:

“In the last week, we’ve seen the life-changing potential of biopharmaceutical innovation with announcements about two potentially effective vaccines for COVID-19. In light of that news, it makes no sense for the Trump administration to rush a last-minute proposal in its final days that threatens the innovation we so desperately need. The most- favored nations rule will force some companies to stop their research or scale back operations—in addition to having the unintended consequence of raising prices for non-Medicare patients, as some research has demonstrated. This proposal is not the way to build on a healthcare legacy that should soon include a vaccine to halt the spread of COVID-19.”

The Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation is a nonpartisan group committed to fostering a national conversation on medical innovation and patient access to care that is holistic and fact-based. The Alliance evaluates policy proposals and fact-checks claims affecting biomedical innovation, as well as responds to attacks on this innovation ecosystem. We are committed to preserving the pipeline of breakthrough medicines that reduce costs within the health care system and help people live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. The Alliance receives funding from biopharmaceutical companies and other entities that represent the industry.